About us

About us

Myself Sachin (kartik) founder of www.ishankartik.blogspot.com . Guys on this blogging site we share all about online earnings, influencing blog, tech news and many more.

On this site there are four people who works in the contribution of this site.

1. Rajan kumar
2. Sachin Sharma
3. Ansh babu
4. Sudhanshu Bajpayee

I want to tell something about my friend Sudhanshu Bajpayee and Rajan kumar. This two are my best friends ever. They always contribute with me. They are also a admin of this blogging site.

Guys they will also entertain you and make you knowledgeous about online earnings, tech news, and influencing blog.

They are my team. My team is one of the best confidence for me.

We will work together and make you entertain

Now , officially launched our website App.

At construction..    ......

Our App will Available soon on PlayStore.

                                  Thank you
(IshanKartik Team)